Looking for Advice after Basement Flood

I left for holidays and the day after we left we received a call from our house checker that the basement had flooded. Fast forward to today. All our floors/carpets/trim/doorways are ruined. Our drywall needs [..]

Got the claims adjuster job!

I just wanted to say thanks to you guys. I interviewed with Farmer's about a week ago, took your advice, and nailed it. I got my job offer this week for a claims adjuster trainee [..]

Not sure of my options

I was on my previous employers health insurance through cobra temporarily while looking for new employment. I found new employment and wrongfully assumed I'd have coverage on the first day. They told me on accident [..]

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Safety First When Celebrating Labor Day!

There’s one thing I always say to my younger siblings when I know they’re hanging out with family or friends on a holiday weekend. “Be smart! Be safe! Have fun!” Your Labor Day weekend can [..]