Allstate changed their minds about insuring my vehicle after 6 months

So here's the situation –

Back in January we needed to upgrade our large family SUV to accommodate the arrival of our 4th child. We had rented minivans in the past and knew the space was super limited when trying to pack the kids, dogs, and all the fixings in for a weekend camping trip. Knowing this we had our eyes on the bigger vans. So down to Carmax we stroll and at the end of the line of minivans we see a Ford Transit 350 XLT. Alright! Test drive goes good, no issues, low miles, well within our price range, and I'm qualified(first loan I've taken out in ten years). Call up Allstate, give them the info on it, alls well, we sign on the lines.

Fast forward 6 months later, I get a letter in the mail from the DMV that my insurance had been canceled two weeks ago! Knowing they had definitely taken my money this month I called to find out what was going on only to be told that when my policy was up for renewal, they decided since the transit is a 15 passenger, it needed commercial insurance, so they canceled my policy. I received no notification, no phone calls, and have apparently been driving for two weeks without insurance.. idk about the rest of the country but in NY they would tow my vehicle and arrest me if I had been pulled over.

On top of that I purchased the vehicle under the assumption it was covered under my auto policy.

My question is, do I have any legal recourse to this? Can they be held responsible? I financed the vehicle only after allstate agreed to insure it on my policy. Can they just drop me without warning and put me at risk of legal action? I drive for a living, having a suspended license due to this is detrimental to my family.

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