[CA] Was rear ended and looking for the next steps.

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Hey there. Wish i was on this subreddit on better terms but i have a few questions about what my next steps are regarding this crash.

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We're still waiting on the police report to come back but it's pretty much a give in that it was the person behind me who hit me into the car in front of me. I'm wondering if due to the damage my car recieved that i should start looking into purchasing a new car due to the extensive damage to the front and back.

A few facts about the car and crash

Car: Toyota Corolla 2015. ~37,000 miles prior to the crash. Expected value if i sold it prior to the crash would be around $12,000 dollars according to KBB.

Crash: It's my understanding that every airbag went off when the crash occurred. Hopefully the pictures do a better job explaining but it's clear to me most of the front airbags as well as the sides went off during the collision.

I hope i did a decent job explaining but i've seen a few adjusters on here and im hoping to get a little bit of help regarding this from anyone. Is the car done for? Should i start searching immediately? thanks!

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/sZDESGR Plates censored for obvious reasons.

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