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Changing Car Insurance?

Two questions: (1) Can I switch companies in the middle of a 6 month contract? (2) Is it okay to switch before a car accident case is completely closed? It was an at-fault accident from [..]

Denied drain backup claim (have rider)

Our house was significantly damaged in a hailstorm with heavy rain and high winds. Our insurance company is covering the roof, many windows a couple of doors to the tune of roughly $65k. Our basement [..]

Insurance charges $4000 for being trans?

So I changed my name and gender on my health insurance a few months ago. This is my parents insurance that I’ve been on forever. It’s an older plan that they are phasing out. My [..]

Adding a business to my liability policy?

So I’m getting ready to vend at an event, and the event center is asking to be added to my business liability policy? Is this normal? I’ve vended dozens of different events, and no one [..]

What are Insurance Quotes

Google is not helping me its just giving me advertisements about free quotes submitted by /u/redfoxdance [link] [comments]

Cafe/playspace quote guesstimate.

Hi everyone! I am in the business writing phase of starting a business and want to get a quote for an indoor playspace and cafe in Washington state. Any pros out there wanna give me [..]