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Participant accident insurance

I suffered a serious injury while playing in a private recreational sports league. After the league initially stated they did not have any insurance coverage that would apply to my situation, they back tracked and [..]

Is my car going to be written off?

I got into a car accident yesterday, and the front passenger side wing had been ripped off however the wheel and engine have remained intact as far as I can tell. My car is a [..]

Parking lot accident

Yesterday my girlfriend was pulling out of a parking spot with a large truck parked on her right. She was backing out slowly because she couldn't see very well, normally in situations like this I [..]

Adjuster didn’t response what can i do ?

March 16, Drunk driver drove to my house. total all 3 of my cars and damage my garage. Driver got arrested at the spot, 2 week later insurance accept liability 100% and sent me the [..]

Rear ended

I got rear ended switching lanes(with blinker), not going after her insurance because my tail light just got broke. However, she plans to go after mine because apparently it was my fault. Which was what [..]