Denied drain backup claim (have rider)

Our house was significantly damaged in a hailstorm with heavy rain and high winds. Our insurance company is covering the roof, many windows a couple of doors to the tune of roughly $65k. Our basement was also damaged by water during this storm. Our sump pit was in proper working order, but it couldn’t drain the water fast enough. There was a small amount of water that entered the basement from the actual pit (which insurance is covering.) More significantly, however was the water that entered from another part of the sump drain, causing damage to carpet, drywall and baseboard and necessitating their removal. We do have a rider for coverage from drain/sump backup. They are denying the majority of basement damage by saying it was flooding and therefore not covered. We have never had any water in our basement before. Even if water entered from the ground outside the house (through the foundation,) which I do not think it did, our gutters were completely clogged with hail and tree debris and were not directing the water away from the house as they were supposed to. I have spoken to the insurance company several times and gotten nowhere. I think the only other option is to contact our state department of insurance. Does anyone have other suggestions?

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