Driver forced me off the road, but insurance says I’m responsible for my car’s damage since he didn’t hit me?

Hey all. Over the weekend, I had a driver run me off the road, causing me to jump the curb going about 40 mph. I had the right of way on a two lane road, driving in the left most lane, and this driver came out of nowhere on my right (through a yield), and turned all the way into my lane when he had his own (right lane) to turn into. Instincts kicked in and I honked and swerved, which caused me to jump onto the curb next to my lane so he wouldn't hit me. The guy showed no indication that he was going to pull over, and at this point I had no idea if he had actually hit me because of how much my car was jostled by going up on the curb. So I followed him and took pictures of his car and license plate in case there was damage. He must have seen me taking pictures, because only then did he pull over. He got out of the car and told me he did nothing wrong, and he didn't hit me so therefore there was nothing I could do. I tried to argue that he did everything wrong, by not yielding and by turning into my lane and causing me to run off the road. There was an accident nearby and I can almost guarantee he was not paying attention to his driving, but to the accident up ahead which is why he nearly hit me but of course he wasn't going to admit fault. So, I have no insurance information from him, but two scratched rims (both driver side) and a ripped tire on my new car. I filed a claim with my insurance, but they said because he didn't actually hit me, it was my fault. Is this right? Is there any way I can fight this? So apparently I should've just let him hit me instead? I'm so frustrated, and so confused so I want to make sure I really have no leg to stand on. I just find that ridiculous. I had no where to go, besides into a curb or let him hit me. Thanks for reading and any advice, even if it is to tell me there's nothing I can do.

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