[IL] Pre-shoulder surgery- Doctor put me on restrictions and employer can’t accommodate. How do I proceed?

So I'm having shoulder instability repair surgery on Sept 9th. (not a work-related injury)

On August 5th, the surgeon gave a letter to my employer stating that I can only lift up to 20 lbs.

I work in a machine shop and per my job description, it says I have to be able to lift up to 65lbs over my head. They don't have light duty so my HR manager called the surgeons office and requested that they fill out the FMLA forms so I can go on short term disability.

They are refusing to sign the forms, stating that I am fit to work, just on restrictions. My employer is not allowing me to work because they don't have light duty.

I asked my primary care physician to fill out the FMLA forms but she says she is not a shoulder surgeon and is unable to do it. The surgery is still almost a month away and I am not getting paid. Is there anything at all I can do?

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