Illegally Parked Car Backed into Me. What happens now?

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Hi all,

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Today I was pulling into a tight parking space of a shopping center. As I was straightening my car, an illegally parked car that was perpendicular to my car backed into me. I saw her backing up, so I blasted my horn, but she kept backing up into my car. Her car is almost completely fine. My car has a huge dent in the rear bumper.

I tried to take her license and insurance info, but she said she forgot her purse at home so she couldn't give it to me. All she could offer up was an expired insurance card.

I'm really freaked out. IMO this is 100% her fault, but she was making it out to seem like this was my fault.

I was hoping to get your guys' input on the situation.

Am I in any way liable or at fault? Will my insurance go up because of this?

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