I’m currently a mechanic looking into becoming an auto claims adjuster and looking for some input from people in this field

So I've been a mechanic for nearly a decade and while I love working on cars it's no longer paying the bills. Even though repair costs and technology have grown exponentially in the past few decades, none of that has trickled down to the techs; average tech pay hasn't seen an increase in 25 years. So I started looking into becoming an auto adjuster since I have a ton of experience/knowledge on parts and what's necessary for repairs. I have done some paint and body (helped paint a few cars in my friend's garage), so I know enough of the processes and paint codes/matching, etc, but I'm also assuming I'll need to learn more. I live in Oklahoma and went to the OID website, found the tests, as well as some study guides for the certification test including using the Xactimate software.

So my biggest questions at this point are more about the industry and what I can expect. Would I be given a desk/customer role to start and have to work up to becoming an adjuster who actually inspects the vehicle and writes claims? Are there any additional things I can do to move straight to that position? If not, how long can I expect to be in a lower role? Do they have separate jobs for the person who handles claim filing, vehicle inspection, writing the estimates, negotiations with the customer, etc? What pay can I expect at any of those positions?

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