My friends coworker retired. Friend discovered fraud

This is written from my friends so yeah

I work at a medium sized insurance company and the worker who retired last week had all their clients and policies transferred over to me. Now that some of the policies are up for renewal I’ve found some sort of fraud or fraudulent rating or quoting. Without giving away any information, I’ll give an example. Say the client is a mechanic shop, well ex coworker was quoting it as a gas station and coworkers rationale was probably because the mechanic shop has a gas pump or gas cans lying around. Coworker has also clearly forged documents, and generally writing policies wrong so it’s lower cost but less coverage and yet still told the client that they were covered. What should my steps be as the chain of command above me doesn’t care and pretty much ignores the issue. I’m most worried about this coming back to me if a client has an accident and isn’t covered even though coworker told them they were and they sue me which could get my license revoked. Thanks in advance.

Edit: USA is my location although I’d prefer not to give away more info as my bosses has big wallets and big egos and they might find me and sue me

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