My Subaru STI is totaled

So, I pull up to a line of traffic that has a green light. I come to a complete stop and look in my rear view mirror and see a Jeep Patriot barreling towards me. So as quickly as I can, I let off the brake, and mash the gas trying to get over to the shoulder. I didn't make it, however I managed to get shoved off the road and not into the car in front of me. My car is probably totaled and now my insurance company is telling me that it's going to take a few months just to get my deductible back from her (Driver of the keep Patriot) insurance company. I have no car, my neck is fucked, and I have no clue what to do. Obviously I have a rental car, but besides that what should I do to receive compensation for the car that I've made 13k worth of payments towards?

Please help.

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