(Ohio) Progressive auto insurance increased my monthly payment to $1,520…

Disclaimer. Please don't berate me on my terrible driving… I know this is 'my fault' and I feel all the horrible feelings I possibly could over this. I'm 28, if that matters.

So. No DUIs, never suspended license, or anything like that. Ran a red light late 2017, speeding tickets here and there. But the major thing is I got in 2 accidents back to back 3/2018. I totalled my car and got a new one and was paying $430 a month, fine.. Then a minor fender bender 2/2019 (there was no damage, the cop the other driver insisted on calling even came to me after and apologized, didn't cite me and said it was "bullshit she even called"). And a camera speeding ticket 3/2019. I knew that my rates would go up, but this is insane. $1,520 is a full paycheck (I get 2 a month) and I can't afford to live on one paycheck a month…

My daily commute to work is 70 miles, round trip and I can't relocate to eliminate the need for my own vehicle. I would still have to travel for work as well. I owe $13k on my car still so I have full coverage right now. I dont know if I could, but would it be significantly cheaper to pay it off or somehow trade it for a beater car I'd own outright?

I could talk to my mom and see if I could go on her insurance and pay whatever it cost to add me, but would it still be as expensive to have me or my car (with my terrible driving history) on her insurance? I dont even know how/if that would work.

I can't afford this and am at a loss. I don't know what to do and can't not drive. I can't not have insurance. (Getting caught means suspended license until I get proof of insurance, and pay the $1,000 fine plus $100 reinstatement fee).

So, I've come seeking advice (besides 'drive better'…) if there even is any out there.

I do have a local insurance agent and am waiting on a callback from them to see if they can give me any advice, but I doubt it. When I was looking for insurance for this new car, progressive was the only company who would take me besides the general and their prices weren't better then so I dont think they would be now.

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