Cafe/playspace quote guesstimate.

Hi everyone! I am in the business writing phase of starting a business and want to get a quote for an indoor playspace and cafe in Washington state. Any pros out there wanna give me [..]

How does new car replacement actually work?

Long story short my car got totaled with only 1500 miles on it. The awesome thing is I have new car replacement and gap insurance. I go through Allstate. I assume the way it works [..]

Trigger words or phrases

I was having fun thinking about all the things people say that immediately tell you how the conversation will go. Mine are: Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Full Coverage, it wasn't my fault, grace period, everyone [..]

Step daughter got in a car accident

Kansas My stepdaughter was gifted my vehicle. She was given the title, and was to get insurance the first of the month. I kept the vehicle insured until she was able to do that. She [..]