How much is a good insurance agent worth to you?

Context: I've taken over managing my elderly parents' auto and homeowners insurance policies. They've been with the same agent for over 20 years. Their prefer their native language over English; the agent speaks the same [..]

Car insurance when moving every 6 months.

I'll be moving for my job every 6 months in most likely different states. How does this affect things related to the car? My insurance agent said that they're only licensed in Florida and I'd [..]

I’ve had car insurance with my current provider for about 2 months, and just yesterday I decided to put full coverage on my classic car because my friend told me to because it’s worth a lot, so I did it. I just got into a hit and run 2 hours ago… is this going to be suspicious to them ?

I just realized how suspicious it looks and now I’m worried that something bad could come out of this, there’s no cameras or witnesses nearby that I’m aware of that could support my claim. Car [..]