Participant accident insurance

I suffered a serious injury while playing in a private recreational sports league.

After the league initially stated they did not have any insurance coverage that would apply to my situation, they back tracked and said they would cover up to $30K of my bills (including the $1000 deductible). It was surprising on one level since these type of entities typically indemnify themselves. That said, I am confident that they bear some responsibility for what happened ( say perhaps the use of unsanctioned equipment) and hence the desire to get their insurance company involved.

I understand the insurer wants to pay the costs after my insurance kicks in (in fact expressly states as much in the policy brochure) but am I legally compelled to disclose all insurance coverage? And if not, how do I complete the necessary paperwork where they state withholding info is illegal? Additionally, I have a very high premium i pay for my health insurance and it seems like they get off easy because of the elevated amount I pay out of each of my paycheck.

It seems like if I don't want to fill out their forms, my only recourse left is to sue.

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