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Step daughter got in a car accident

Kansas My stepdaughter was gifted my vehicle. She was given the title, and was to get insurance the first of the month. I kept the vehicle insured until she was able to do that. She [..]

Moped accident

I was driving my moped, when a driver coming from a side street ran a stop sign. I noticed in time, and in an attempt to avoid collision, made a sharp turn and fell from [..]

My friends 4 year old son was in a horrible accident and was burned second degree and some 4th degree. He is going to Laboneur every few days. He has anthem blue cross blue shield and Medicaid. They are paying $200 copay for every visit. Does that sound right? Mom was just diagnosed with cancer.

She is really struggling financially. I have experience with the medical system as a social worker/therapist and she is going to sign the forms so I can talk to them. First thing she did was [..]