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Question about AINS 22: Personal Insurance

I see that the test is 85 questions just like AINS 21 despite 22's book being roughly 25% bigger. Does that mean most of the questions are more generalized? I don't want to skim over [..]

Question about diminished value in Texas

2015 Mustang GT was rear ended in Texas. Other party 100% at fault. Their car is insured, driver is underage, doesn't have a license, and wasn't on the insurance. Damages we're about $8,000. No major [..]

Renters Insurance Question

We are moving into a new apartment. We purchased the insurance through the moving company (highest tier they had). We are concerned if damage is done to the vinyl floors, is that covered under their [..]

Question about what adjuster just told me

I was talking to the adjuster for my homeowner's insurance about getting my roof repaired for hail damage, was asking about rate increase due to the claim, He said it will prob go up but [..]

Roof Replacement Question

My wife and I were victims of the Camp Fire in Northern California. Still dealing with repair work to our standing home. Our roof was inspected by a third party adjuster from our insurance company [..]