Question about Rental Coverage

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Hello all,

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I was rear ended a few weeks ago with some pretty significant damage to my car. I have Geico and I filed a claim through them to expedite the process of fixing my car (Im in Virginia, the person who hit a car into mine was at fault I presume because of the type of accident. I was considered not at fault. I have the person who caused the accidents insurance info, Liberty Mutual).

I have a fixed dollar amount of rental car coverage which will end before my car is fixed. The rental company (Enterprise) agreed to cover a few more days and “make it work” with Geico, but I will reach what Enterprise is calling their “maximum” that they will allow me to have the rental before my car is fixed.

What should I do moving forward? Can I ask Geico to chase Liberty Mutual for more rental car coverage? Should I go directly to Liberty Mutual? Am I SOL?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom or suggestions

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Travel Insurance for Large Rental for Multiple Families

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I am planning a family reunion type trip to South Carolina. We plan to rent a large house (or possibly two) on the beach for the group of us. I am the one planning, and will be the one renting the house(s). Since we'll be traveling during hurricane season, I definitely plan to buy insurance just in case, but can I purchase the interrupted/canceled travel for the full cost of the rentals by myself. (For me, traveling from my state, will be just 4 of the 25 people who will be coming)

Or would it be better to each purchase separate policies for "our portion" of the rental – that way, if an individual family has to cancel, they can get their portion of the rental back without affecting everyone? Is this even possible with a shared rental like this? (E.g. how do we document that "the rental cost was $7500, and my portion of it was $1000"?)

(Or, would it be safest, for me, being the renter, to get insurance for the FULL cost of the rental(s), and let everyone else do what they will?)

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Can an auto insurance company deny a claim because their driver was in a rental car?

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I already posted this in r/legaladvice with a recommendation to post here: I was recently in a t-bone collision with another diver who was driving a rental car in North Carolina. They were turning left out of a parking lot (across two lanes of traffic) and hit me as I was traveling in the lanes closest to the parking lot they were attempting to turn out of. Their insurance is threatening to deny the claim because they were driving a rental car (the driver opted out of the offered insurance for the rental). Is this a valid cause for a denial? My understanding was that auto insurance follows the driver, not just the vehicle.

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What kind of insurance do I need to protect myself from lawsuits from a rental property?

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I own a rental property, but don't need coverage for damage to the property, since I can handle that myself.

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What I need is coverage that would protect me in case the tenant gets injured (falls down the stairs, slips on ice, etc.) and sues me.

I'm not really sure what I should be looking for.

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The Best Rental Car For Your Family Road Trip

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It may be August, but there are STILL a few weeks left of summer! Which means there’s just enough time to squeeze in one last road trip. But before you pack up the family car, consider renting a car instead of driving your same ole’ set of wheels. Why? For one thing, it’ll save your regular vehicle from more wear and tear. Plus a rental may have entertainment features your regular car doesn’t, which can keep kids engaged (and well-behaved).

With many options, it’s important to learn what best suits your family. Do you want to rent an electric vehicle, hybrid, or standard gas-powered vehicle?  Will there be ample space for the kids and, say, the dog in the back? And, of course, what are the available upgrades — and how much are they?

From size to gas-savings to road-handling, here are 4 things to consider for your rental car.

How to choose the best-sized car

Start with how many people will be traveling in the car. You’ll want everyone to have ample room to stretch out over a multi-day drive.

For 3-4 people, rent the absolute cheapest and smallest car. You may end up getting a deal. According to The Points Guy, rental car places often don’t have subcompact vehicles available, and it’s not uncommon to be upgraded to a bigger vehicle.

For families of 5, a midsize SUV can be a good option since it sometimes costs less than a minivan. For families up to 7, consider renting a full-size SUV, or a minivan for a few bucks more. Sometimes midsize SUVs have 3rd-row seating. Call the rental car location before arriving to ensure that the right size SUV will be available at time of pickup. For a family of 8, look into renting 2 cars, which can end up being less expensive than one SUV or minivan.

Think fuel efficiency and low impact

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicle for your road trip, consider a regular hybrid model or a plug-in hybrid model. An SUV hybrid can get as much as 90 MPGe (miles per gallon energy — the average distance traveled per unit of energy consumed), and a plug-in 52/49 mpg city/highway, depending on the best-in-class models for best gas mileage. 

In addition, be sure to check out Esurance Fuelcaster®, an online tool that predicts whether gas prices will be cheaper today or tomorrow. The best part? It’s free for anyone to use!

Make your adventures high-tech

Got technophiles in your family? Rental cars come with a range of technologies for navigation, safety, and entertainment. Some are pre-installed. Others are optional.

Consider what technology you’ll need to entertain your kids (and other adults) on a long drive. And ask if your car comes with satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, or a wi-fi hotspot.

For a true technophile experience, ask about a touch-screen infotainment system, a 6 to 14 speaker audio system, and multiple USB ports to keep everyone charged up.

Many car rentals also come with a GPS navigation system. If not, it might be optional. This is especially helpful if you don’t have wi-fi.

For basic safety, it’s always worth it to order a child safety seat. And there are other advanced tech safety options you might enjoy with a rental, like lane-keeping system, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and driver and drowsiness monitoring.

Finally, ask about Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Both can sync with smartphones, enabling passengers to look up directions, make calls, and send and receive messages — as well as use their apps. 

Turn your road trip into a zen-experience

To instill a sense of calm in your ride, many SUVs have sound-deadening technologies and materials that create a library-level noise. In many cases, you won’t even have to raise your voice to talk to your children in the back seat, unless you want to.

Of course, you might also wonder how to answer all the confusing questions they ask at the rental car place. But remember, when it comes to insurance add-ons, your regular car insurance might cover your rental the same way it does your normal car. So before you hit the road, make sure to check with your insurer.

Enjoy your trip and happy driving!

*Though we’re confident in our predictions and prices, they’re not guaranteed. Gas prices are influenced by many factors and savings will vary.

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Driver Smashed into my Rental Car, How Should I Prepare?

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Hello Everyone,

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I was on a vacation in Boulder, Colorado when another driver in the oncoming lane swerved into my lane, pretty much destroying my rental car through Avis. There were plenty of witnesses on the scene that told the cops that the other driver was at fault. The police on the scene charged the other driver with failure to yield to a light, it was at an intersection.The officer told me I shouldn't have anything to worry about, because they were charging her 100% for the accident. I opted out of rental car insurance, because my credit card has rental car insurance built into it, however, they are stopping this service at the end of September (Citi), though it will still cover me. My primary New York State Car Insurance also has rental coverage.

Two days ago the woman at faults insurance called me and asked for a recorded statement. I was careful to give them the truth and not say anything that would harm myself (I've worked for many lawyers). I've read much on this topic, the community is split 50/50 whether or not you should talk to them. Anyway, I called Avis, and they told me A) If the other driver was at fault, they will go after their insurance B) They wouldn't even begin to open the claim until 30 days after the crash! I've read stories online were people rent from Avis, another driver who was at fault smashes into them. The driver at faults insurance denies the claim, and Avis comes after the renter.

I tried calling my credit card companies insurance company, but they told me not to file a claim unless I get a bill. Is this true? Should I be calling my primary at home insurance? I don't want my home rates to go up, so should I just rely on my credit card company for protection?

Thank you

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(FL) Recovering rental car expense from shady insurance company.

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A few months ago my wife was rear ended in a minor accident. Everyone was ok, and the police made a report citing the other driver at fault. Unfortunately he has a shady insurance carrier.

I spoke with my insurance carrier, paid my (large) deductible and was able to have my vehicle repaired. While I chose not to carry rental car coverage, my insurance carrier told me if I rented a car, they would send the invoice to the other carrier.

So, at their recommendation, I found a cheap rental car and drove it for a week or so while the repairs were in progress and sent them the receipt. The total amounted to pennies under $500.

It went into subrogation, and I just recently received a check for my deductible. I was told that because I had no rental coverage it was not included in the subrogation and they “advised [the other carrier] to make me whole.”

Obviously the other carrier is not returning any calls and I am less than optimistic.

Do I have any course of action here? Any way to encourage them to answer the phone and deal with me?

Thanks in advance for your help…

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Question about Car Rental Insurance vs. Credit Card Insurance

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I recently rented a car for a day and the representative asked me if I wanted to purchase the collision/damage insurance. I declined and as part of his sales pitch I guess, he asked why. I told him I'd prefer to use the coverage that is provided through my credit card. He said something along the lines of "Actually we don't use third parties and we would file a claim against your insurance for damages and diminished value". I assume he meant my primary auto insurance.

Does that make sense at all or was it just a scare tactic to try to get me to purchase the insurance through them? If my credit card provides primary coverage and not just supplemental, how would the rental's company's policy of "not using third parties" supersede the coverage that I'm providing to them in the event of them needing to file a claim?

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accident in a rental car- enterprise asking for my deductible?

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so 2 weeks ago i dropped my car off to be worked on and received a rental car (i was in a 6 car wreck-mostly cosmetic work but was still about $5k of damage). this past friday- was due to pick my car up today, i was in yet another wreck in the rental. it was completely the other person's fault. we were on a one way road and she thought it was a 2 way, went to turn left as i passed her and she turned into me. got a police report, all her contact information, picture of her insurance card etc. i immediately called my insurance guy and he told me that i would be good and probably won't need anything from him, and called enterprise to let them know.

i went to drop the car off today and took the report, but they didn't really look at it. they got the other person's information and then asked for my insurance card. i told her my info was on the report but gave it to her, and then she asked for my deductible. i was confused and she said that i was totally responsible for the car and enterprise would file a claim with my insurance, who will then file one with the other driver's insurance. i guess that makes sense, but why would i give them money? is this normal? it was after hours so i left a voicemail with my insurance guy so i will speak with him tomorrow, but i just thought this was weird. i told her i didn't know how much it was (i actually wasn't sure, i have never had to pay it) and i would have to call her back. i just don't understand why i have to pay enterprise when i wasn't at fault and the report clearly says so?

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Car Rental In Norway—MisFuelling

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So, My parents travelled to Norway. They paid for car rental from Sixt using Chase Sapphire (provides primary car rental insurance).

At a certain point, my dad refuelled and accidently put in AdBlue in the gas tank, which is basically very very bad and might have led to total loss of engine or possibly car.

They refused the offered insurance from the rental place because they had colission from their credit card.

Would they be responsible for the whole car? or just the deductible? the deductible is 1000$, which is doable, but does it cover something like this?


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