What are the chances of me being billed?

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I had pain in my chest and last night I couldn’t sleep on my side or stomach because it got worse. So I went to the ER and they did an EKG, blood work, and X-rays and diagnosed me with Costochondritis. However, I got a call back from my military treatment facility saying that they were going to write me a referral for the ER visit but was unsure if TRICARE would pay the bill because I didn’t call before hand. (Who calls the nurse advice line if they’re experiencing chest pain?!) The lady over the phone said that since I called the nurse advice line asking for a referral within 24hours of my release I may be ok. What are my odds here? Also the ER didn’t give me a bill. I’ve never been to an ER before today so I’m not sure if they didn’t give me one because I’m Active Duty or if they are just going to surprise me in the mail.

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