What does insurance cover for a newborn baby?

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I think I’m overthinking this, I’m hoping someone can help explain it to me better or tell me if I’m correct in this.

So, I’m 24, still a dependent on my father’s health insurance through his company. I’m due with my first baby in early October. I’m lucky enough that maternity services are extended to me as a dependent, and so far everything has been covered no problem. My estimated bill for my hospital delivery is completely reasonable.

My question is, when baby is born, will my dads insurance be covering anything for baby? I know I have 30 days to get him his own policy, so does that mean his treatment in the hospital and visit from the pediatrician during our stay will be backdated and transferred to whatever new policy we select? My fiancé and I are planning on getting a family policy through one of our workplaces, whoever’s is better. Is this the right thing to do??

Another concern I have as I’m now 28 weeks is preterm birth. Is it the same kind of situation if he was born premature? His birth starts a qualifying life event and I can then get a policy through my employer?

And my last question is if I can get accurate policy information from my employer now about what the costs would be for my fiance, baby and I if we were to enroll in the plan, or could things change between now and then?

Thanks in advance!

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