Why is it so difficult to cancel car insurance renewals (UK)

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I got an email last week informing me of the automatic renewal of a insurance policy I took out on a second car my girlfriend and I use for driving lessons only. She is the main driver on the policy and I am on there as a named driver.

Puffy Lux

The email gives a link to check your renewal "invitation". On the site it allows you to accept and pay quite easily. If your not happy or just don't want to renew it gives you a number to call.

I tried ringing yesterday after work while I was with my girlfriend, after listening to all the legal blurb I was put on hold for 20 minutes before I decided to leave it, to try again today.

So I rang again today to cancel while on my own, Another 5 minutes of bullshit to listen through to finally speak to an adviser, Told them I wanted to cancel renewal and then they asked me all the security questions to be told the main driver needs to be the one to cancel. I tried telling them my call was out of courtesy as they no longer have my current card details on file and will be unable to take payment. They replied that after 14 days of none payment the policy will be automatically cancelled and I will have to pay a £45 cancellation fee. WHY? When i'm telling you right now i'm not renewing my policy!!! I reminded them they have no details to take a cancellation fee. When she started to tell me how they would enforce a payment, I'm not quite sure how they would go about it as I stopped listening when I started to see red and tell them how they make cancelling a F%$KING JOKE, and hung up.

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I do regret losing my temper, Not because they don't deserve it but because now my girlfriend needs to ring back and try and cancel it herself.

Anyway I think this needs to be changed as in the last 13 years that I have been driving I've never been offered a decent renewal and have always switched to a cheaper alternative. In this case it was from £365 to £215 for the year.

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